Fort Calhoun Youth Sports Organization

2023 Recreational Baseball


Welcome to the 2023 Recreational Baseball Registration Session

with Fort Calhoun Youth Sports Organization.

This registration will allow you to provide contact information, sign consents and submit payment. 

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available. Offline payment options are also available –further offline payment details are outlined on the receipt page.


FCYSO is a 100% volunteer organization; with all board members & sports directors doing their very best to provide a positive experience for all members of our Youth Sports Program and to support our community.

As of JANUARY 1, 2023, FCYSO updated their policies and terms of required volunteer hours. Notice of these changes were provided in a recent newsletter. FCYSO has the right to revise any policy to better fit the needs of this non-profit organization. If we decide to make changes to our policies, it’s our sole discretion, we will notify you of any changes as quickly as possible upon those revisions

Thank you for your time and attention!


The FCYSO Board Members & Directors


League Fees Associated:


  • 6-7U Rec- $110 per player- Blair League. Coach Pitch. No Players will pitch in games. 6 year olds will be allowed to play up, if they are to advanced for T-Ball. Games will be against other Fort Calhoun Teams and Blair Teams. 10-12 Games
  • 7U Rec/Plus- $200 per player- Elkhorn League Coach Pitch, 12-14 games, Tournament
  • 8U Rec- $200 per player- Elkhorn League Kid Pitch, 12-14 games, 1 Tournament
  • 8U Rec/Plus- $225 per player- Elkhorn League Kid Pitch, 12-14 games, 2 Tournaments
  • 9U Rec/Plus- $225 per player- Elkhorn League, 12-14 games, 2 Tournaments
  • 10U Rec/Plus- $225 per player- Elkhorn League 14-16 games, 2 Tournaments.
  • 11 and 12U Plus- $250 per player- Elkhorn League, 24-26 games, 3 Tournaments
  • 13 and 14U Rec - $225 per player- Elkhorn League 16-18 games, 1 tournament

Payment Plan Option: Pay half of the total price upon completion of the registration today and then the second half will be automatically withdrawn from your account on February 23, 2023.

Late Registrations: Registration is not considered complete until registration, fees, and deposit have been paid. Late registrations are not guaranteed and are subject to an automatic/non-refundable $25 FEE. Late fees will be charged after February 21st, 2023.  

Refund Policy: From the date of the posted registration closing: 

DAY 1 through DAY 7, 100% refund.

DAY 8 through DAY 14, 50% refund. 


2023 Volunteer Requirements:  

2023 Requirements include a $200 volunteer deposit per family that must be mailed in upon completion of this registration! This deposit covers the 2023 Baseball / Softball / Tball Season.  It will be held until each family puts in their required 8 hours/credits of total volunteer time. 


All volunteer hours must be claimed online DIBS program. It will be each family’s responsibility to monitor how many opportunities they have claimed and earned credits towards the required hours that should be completed for the season. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the FCYSO Board directly at

8 HOURS of volunteer time is required per family.

The following are included as possible volunteer hours:

  • At least 2 HOURS of your time must be completed in the concession stands.
  • Snacks are NOT considered volunteer time.
  • Concession = 1 HOUR per hour worked
  • Field Prep = ½ HOUR (must arrive 30 min prior to each game)
  • Practice Parents or Game Assistance = 1 HOUR per hour worked
  • Fish Fry Dessert (ONLY for the FCYSO night) = 1 HOUR for 1 dozen desserts (1 HOUR MAX)
  • Team Parent = 6 HOURS + 2 HOURS in concessions (MUST TRACK team volunteer hours)
  • FCYSO Board Member 8 hours credit
  • FCYSO Director of a Sport 8 hours credit
  • Coach of a sport 8 hours credit (Must return all Equipment and Keys by Deadline established) One coach per team, one assistant coach per team. 
  • Various additional opportunities may arise throughout the season.


Concession Stand Credit Hour Disclaimer:

  • Concessions will be assigned to teams - teams are responsible for covering no matter if they need hours or not.  Concessions brings $$$ into our organization and is a convenience for families attending games.
  • Families can work concession during their children’s game schedule if they prefer. 
  • Families are responsible for filling or trading their time to fit their schedules.
  • Concession Hours can be filled by any family member such as a parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.  Kids can help in concessions, but need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Families assigned to timeslots will be properly notified in advance of their scheduled concession.
  • All worked hours need to be communicated to the Team Parent.
  • Concession NO-SHOWS will automatically lose their volunteer deposit!
  • If there is a rain out and your game isn't rescheduled you do not have to make up the hours. If the game is rescheduled you are expected to fulfill your hours.


NO Concession Hours Are Required from the Following:

Corporate Sponsorship = 8 HOURS

FCYSO Board Member/Sports Director = 8 HOURS

FCYSO Coach(One) = 8 HOURS

FCYSO Assistant Coach(One) = 8 HOURS


Donation or Sponsorship Options:


  • Sponsors' Name/Business in the online directory on the FCYSO website
  • Thank you Plaque and Team Photo
  • 4 Volunteer Hours – of the remaining 4 hours, 2 hours must be done in the concession stand.


  • Sponsors Name/Business in the online directory on FCYSO website 
  • 2’x4’-Banner posted during the season at JC Field
  • Thank you Plaque and Team Photo
  • 8 Hours of Volunteer Time


  • Sponsors' Name/Business in the online directory on the FCYSO website
  • 2’x7’ Banner posted during the season at JC Field, Softball & T-ball Field  
  • Thank you Plaque and Team Photo
  • Business name printed on fan shirt sold to parents and online.
  • 8 Hours of Volunteer Time


Volunteer Deposits Requirements:

The $200 volunteer deposit check will not be collected online.

Deposits are held until the last game of the SUMMER BALL SEASON.

Families that have not completed their assigned hours will lose their deposit.

A notice will be sent to all families that failed to fill their hours prior to their check being deposited. 

The deposit Check MUST be mailed to the following address PRIOR to getting your uniform

P.O. Box 272
Fort Calhoun, NE 68023

Thank you for your cooperation!



Scholarship Requests: All requests must be submitted online within the first week of sports registration opening. This ensures that we are able to appropriately support those who need assistance. 

It is expected that if you benefit from a scholarship your athlete shows up for 80% of games and practices.

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE is 1/31/2023. No exceptions! Please be diligent and complete applications before closing dates. 

Scholarship Application Link is below:

Tara Greenough

Phone: (402) 983-7283